Worry and Fear…Dismissed!

Those of us who have endured any kind of trauma or grief know that it is very easy slip away from being “in the moment” because of worry or fear. Sometimes your mind will just take you away from a nice, peaceful moment to start worrying about the future. No matter what is on your mind, it does no good to worry about it.

When I was a child, I had such a nagging sense of fear about the end of the world. I would literally sit out on my front porch and wait for the stars to begin falling from the sky. One day as I was waiting for doom and destruction to happen to my world, it dawned on me that there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it from happening. If the end of the world were about to take place, I would be powerless to stop it. It sounds silly to think back about an old childhood fear, but mental habits like fear, worry and dread can follow you into adulthood. Later in life I began to experience anxiety and panic attacks because I had trained my mind to latch on to stressful things and worry about them over and over again. That habit causes the body to produce signals which tell you it’s time to fight or flee. If you can’t do either, you experience panic and it’s not fun. The word tells us not to worry about tomorrow because it will take care of itself. Our focus should be on the goodness of our Father and how we can get closer to Him so that our fears seem tiny and He becomes bigger in our lives!

Talk to the King
Father, there are times when I let myself worry or silly or small things. I know that if I let go of those things and turn them over to you, you can handle them far better than I ever could. Please show me how to let go and allow you to be the protector I’ve always needed in my life. Help me forgive those who may not have protected me the way I needed them to.


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