Alone Doesn’t Have to Mean Lonely

Loneliness is a state of mind, more than a state of being. Have you ever been in a crowd of people, and still felt all alone? We tend to get caught up in our feelings because we are made to connect with others. If we have been hurt in a deep way, we might feel this way more often than others. As long as we are alive, there will be opportunities for us to try and fill that empty feeling with someone or something other than a relationship with Christ. Some people may try shopping it away, others may eat to comfort themselves. Poor relationship choices are often made because we just want someone to be there to love us and keep us from feeling alone. Why do you think there are so many dating sites with millions of paid members? These sites are giving people what they want, someone to “connect” with.

What if we were like the songwriter in today’s scripture? Could you imagine telling God how you crave His presence? What if you could lose your regret about getting older or losing your physical and mental strength? With a foundation built on something that will last longer than our bodies, we could be totally secure. Are you at a place in your life where you haven’t figured out how to be happy alone? It might be time to start taking a deeper look at your relationship with yourself, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. That is truly the only way to be more secure in your own skin.

Talk to the King | Prayer
God, I admit that sometimes I choose other things to fill the empty space instead of coming to you. I want to take a closer look at why I make those choices and begin working to change my behaviors. There are times when I don’t feel you near me. Help me to know and understand, that even if I don’t feel your physical presence, you are with me all the time. I want you to be the one I turn to before I run to others for comfort or affection.


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