A Higher Definition of Beauty

Magazines, movies, television, and billboards are filled with images of what the world thinks is beautiful. When you include the internet and the thousands of web images that flash across your computer screen, there is no way we can agree on a true measure of beauty. Unless we look at how the Bible defines beauty, we can’t understand how to see ourselves the way God sees us.

If you watch reality television, the shows are usually all about the relationships between the actors and how they behave on camera. Whether it is housewives, basketball wives or some other form of female reality star, their on-screen personalities are usually bigger than life. We watch because it brings entertainment value to the show and the producers know this very well. If you dig underneath the makeup, designer clothing, and enhanced body parts, you might see a different picture of who those reality stars really are on the inside.
Fifteen minutes of fame doesn’t last forever. Of course, not all reality television is bad. I wonder it would feel to be famous because you spent your life loving people? What if you served God in a way that brought such respect to His name that others were drawn to Christ because of you? When you lift God higher than yourself through your attitude and actions, you become attractive to others. Best of all, they won’t even know your beauty secret because He has been around since before the beginning of time. Now that’s a true beauty secret!

Talk to the King | Prayer
God, I want the type of inner beauty that makes my outer beauty shine through in a different way. Show me how to respect and honor you in everything I do. I want the way I talk, dress, work, worship and serve to reflect the beauty of your greatness. When I come in contact with others, I pray that they see the beauty of the woman I am becoming and not just my outer appearance. Thank you for teaching me how to be beautiful on a whole different level, higher than the world’s definition of beauty.


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