The looking glass self

The alarm goes off at 6 am
She is up and about getting ready for her day
She wears the outfit she picked out the night before
She had tried it on before going to bed like she always does
She puts on her makeup just like she had learned on YouTube
And finally she goes in front of her standing mirror to see what she’s done
She approves!
I look cute she thinks and this outfit is great
She walks away all happy about her look
But then just right after the merriment, self love and approval
She breaks it down piece by piece
Runs back to the standing mirror
Will everyone like this she wonders?
Will they approve? she thinks
Are those boots out of style?
The shirt is too long?
Maybe a crop top will do
She breaks down her appearance from head to toe
Even her naturally curly hair didn’t make the cut
She makes her judgement based on society and trends
The same people who wouldn’t loose sleep over your outfit choice
She goes back into the closet and searches for something more acceptable
An outfit so plain no one could judge
Running late for school
She doesn’t even care
Their opinion and approval is what matters to her
One so beautiful and special in her own way
Destroyed on the daily by rules that shouldn’t exist
Rules taught to us from childhood
You have to do what everyone likes, follow the social rules and don’t be an outcast
Color outside the lines and the eyes start rolling, the rumours start and the rude questions pile up
But why care?


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